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Cartoonist Saad Hajo by Sahar Burhan
Cartoonist Saad Hajo by Sahar Burhan



Successful annual meeting with Saad Hajo
Lyckat årsmöte med Saad Hajo


Lecture | Workshop 

Boka en föreläsning, workshop om konst, humor eller yttrandefrihet från 8000 SEK!

Cartoonist Saad Hajo Söderköping EWK
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خارج الصندوق 
معرض فن معاصر ساخر 


Out of the Box 
Satirical contemporary art exhibition


Cartoonist Saad Hajo_Sold LiU_Ali Faqih 2022.jpg
Cartoonist Saad Hajo_Sverigesradio_intervju 24 aug 2022
Saad Hajo Cartoonist_Out of the box 1994-2022.jpg

Lecture in the city library

Cartoonist Saad Hajo Lecture in the city library.jpg



Satire opens holes in certainty dams
Saad Hajo

 السخرية تفتح ثقوبًا في سدودِ اليقين
  سعد حاجو                                                                                     

Paris was my first European experience... I was dying to visit the Centre Pompidou, the Musee d'Orsay, the Louvre, the Champs Elysees, and the grave of the unknown soldier... but the underground metro took my breath away, I forgot all the original international paintings and took a tour instead in the tired casual faces of people packed in the metro, cut from time to time by Japanese faces and their cameras. Underground I watched the metro announcements on the walls like a cinema film strip documenting a momentary history that changes every day.
Off to snowy Sweden! My brother Khaldoon suffered a road accident that put him in a wheel chair. I took him, or rather he took me on a trip into the snow-covered forest, and there I saw the deer, reindeer, and foxes play.
In August and for the first time I went to pick mushrooms with friends. It started raining and I began to draw in the rain, and I lost them, I got lost, and kept walking. I discovered a hole in a tree, I peeked through it into the forest, and that's where my friendship with nature started. I drew the scene in front of me. Since then many of my drawings have been about nature, and they became a fertile thread of imagination that penetrates the hole in the tree. I have the memory of an elephant, it is no longer impossible to enter it through the eye of a needle.
I remember that when I discovered that hole in the tree and went closer to take a peek, I could smell the fragrance of the wood of the seven gates of Old Damascus.
Saad Hajo

The official website of cartoonist and animator Saad Hajo

Syrian-Swedish cartoonist and animator Saad Hajo's official web site. Born in Damascus 1968,
based in Norrköping, Sweden, since 2005.

Working more than two decades as editorial cartoonist. Published on a daily basis mostly in Arabic or Arabic-speaking journals.Published on Folkbladet newspaper, Norrköping, Sweden and Courrier International, Paris.


​Held and/or participated in many international exhibitions. 


The prize is named after the famous Swedish political cartoonist Ewert Karlsson and is given out by the EWK Society. 
World Press Cartoon 

Caldas Da Rainha in Portugal | 2018.
Aydin Dogan Competition 

International Cartoon Competition,Istanbul in Turkey | 2004. 


thank you for your interest in Saad Hajo’s art, and welcome to our shop All prints come with a signed and stamped certificate of authenticity. All artworks are shipped directly from the studio in Norrköping, Sweden. Shipping costs depend on weight and shipping location. All orders ships within 3-5 business days. Delivery times vary based on your Country. Click here to visit our store.

Cover of Hajo's new book Take aHajo Teak a Break

Saad Hajo © 2021

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